Rishikesh, a city located along the river Ganges, is one of the holiest cities for Hindus in India. Since the Beatles visited ‘Maharishi ashram’ in 1968, what once was a small village of spiritual people seeking enlightenment and liberation from the cycles of reincarnations, became the yoga capital of the world.

People come from all over the globe to deepen their knowledge in yoga, and to Hind peace and harmony after complex periods of their lives. Studying in Rishikesh is cheap for most Westerners, which end up spending several months in town. But the boom of yoga tourism in Rishikesh has brought a new wave of investments in the town, changing completely its appearance. Yoga teachers training (TTC) aimed to international practitioners have mushroomed, offering often poor quality courses, contrasting with the presence of experienced masters, whose teaching in Rishikesh are followed by a great amount of international students all over the year 

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