‘‘There is no life in Gaza’ is a common say in the strip. Hamas takeover 12 years ago has only aggravate the conditions of living of the 1.9 millions, living under a blockade that isolate them from the rest of the world. Two thirds of the population are young people, whose hopes are still unbroken, despite the fact that none can imagine how the future would look like. Many of them are not willing to give up their hopes, and continue to fuel their passions every day through art, music, sport and culture. Some of them have lost their family members and friends, some of them have lost their limbs, but still do their best to continue living the life they dream, with a passion that knows no boundaries.

In one of the hardest moment for Gaza, after more than one year since the Great march of return protest begun, these youngsters are a source of inspiration for each others and although their main desire is to leave, they are the living hope of the strip, challenging a future of broken dreams. 

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